Serve Over Counters

For many shoppers, the visual experience is almost as important as the actual eating when it comes to buying food. Seeing fresh ingredients and how they are prepared to create something tasty can enhance the eating experience. That’s why serve over display counters have become a mainstay in many professional catering outlets.

From delis, cafes and canteens to shops, supermarkets, butchers, bakers and fishmongers, serve over counter displays are perfect for displaying produce while you interact with your customers. They are ideal for creating attractive front of house or customer-facing fridge displays where you can showcase your products in the best light while keeping them fresh.

They can give you easy access to your salads, sandwich fillings, meats, cheese and dairy products, pastries or other deli items while holding them at the right temperature. They also enable you to work over the top of them, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.

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