Food Dispensers

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  • Pick & Mix Dispenser for Unwrapped Sweets

    Pick & Mix Dispenser for Unwrapped Sweets

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    Our pick and mix dispenser for unwrapped sweets is a great value way to store and display unwrapped pick and mix, confectionery and similar food items.

  • Pick & Mix Scoop

    Pick & Mix Scoop

    £1.00 exc VAT

    Bright, bold and built to last these pick and mix scoops are an essential addition to your pick and mix, sweet and confectionery display.

  • Spherical Counter Top Dump Bin / Sweet Dispenser

    Spherical Counter Top Dump Bin / Sweet Dispenser

    £7.90 exc VAT

    Make a real impact on your impulse buys with this great looking spherical counter top dump bin or sweet dispenser. Its eye-catching design will ensure it gets noticed by customers young and old.

  • Rotating Pick & Mix Dispenser

    Rotating Pick & Mix Dispenser

    £24.00 exc VAT

    This is a handy Rotating Pick & Mix Dispenser with six compartments is ideal for shops and the hospitality to store to dispense a range of food and non-food items such as pick-and-mix sweets, soaps, small gifts.

  • Pick & Mix Gravity Feed Dispenser

    Pick & Mix Gravity Feed Dispenser

    £25.00 exc VAT

    Pick & Mix Gravity Feed Dispenser: 195mm (W) x 350mm (H) x 300mm (D)

    Holds 7 kilos of sweets. Permanent pick & mix gravity feed dispenser. Permanent sweet display with a large capacity
    clear acrylic design.

  • Cake Display Stand

    Cake Display Stand

    £51.00 exc VAT

    This great value cake dispenser is a must for the general retailer and specialist food retailers, hoteliers and B&Bs – use it to effectively store and display cakes, sandwiches, deli and lots more.

  • Acrylic Confectionery Display

    Acrylic Confectionery Display

    £51.00 exc VAT

    An acrylic confectionary display unit for sweets and other food items can be displayed to maximum effect with this durable and great value acrylic gravity feed display unit. It’s easy to clean and keep hygienic, too. The unit is freestanding so offers complete flexibility.

  • Bulk Food Dispenser For Unwrapped Products

    Bulk Food Dispenser For Unwrapped Products

    £60.00 exc VAT

    This high quality great value bulk food dispenser for unwrapped products is ideal for general retailers, specialist food retailer and the hotel/catering sector. Each sturdy compartment holds up to 8 kilos and the units can be stacked up to 3 high to help you make the most of available space.

  • Penny Sweet Dispenser

    Penny Sweet Dispenser

    £65.00 exc VAT

    Keep sticky sweets away from sticky fingers with this handy penny sweets dispensers. In fact is an ideal way to store and dispense lots of small food and non-food items in the retail and catering sectors.