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We stock and supply the best range of cash registers on the market from manufacturers like Casio, Sharp and Sam4s.

If you are purchasing an electronic cash register for the first time, make certain it has the memory capacity to meet your business needs.

Keep track of transactions and speed up checkouts with our range of cash registers for your retail store. The basic design of this business machine includes a cashbox, an adding machine to register transactions and a receipt printer. We stock a wide selection of cash registers ranging from simple cash drawers for small shops to full-fledged POS systems (point of sale) for department stores and restaurants.

Sam4s Titan 150 15IN″ Epos Sytem Touch Screen


“15” LED With 5-Wire Resistive Touch.

“True Flat – Resist liquid splashes, easy clean up.

“Optional Integrated Customer Display.

“Excellent Cable Management.

“Integrated power supply.

“320Gb Hard drive or 64Gb SSD.

Driven by an Intel dual-core fanless efficent processor, the Sam4s Titan 150 has one of the highest benchmark speeds in its class. This easy to use touch screen epos system is constructed with a flat touch panel. The Titan-150 offers dust and spill resistance that maintains optimum performance in difficult all challenging retail service environments.

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Sharp XEA-307 Cash Register


 “2-Sheet quick and silent drop-in thermal printer

 “Built-in SD card slot for program backup and easy data transfer

 “Barcode scanner connectivity

 “Clear multi-line operator display with tilt-mechanism for user-friendly operation

 “Guided programming for easy set-up

” 99 departments and up to 10,000 articles each with 16 character text

This is the highest specification cash till in the Sharp XEA range of quality tills. The Sharp XE-A307 features a large multi-line operators display and is suitable for retailers who need a reliable easy to use cash till machine.

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“Large LCD offers excellent visibility for shop staff and customers.

“A multipurpose tray helps heep the cash register area neat and tidy.

“Customise receipts by adding messages, store names and phone numbers.

“Easy to use calculator function.

“Battery backup for memory protection.

“Three ways to tender payment (cash, card or cheque)

The Casio SE-G1 Cash Register – Black features all the functions required for any small to medium retail business. The large LCD offers excellent visibility for shop staff and customers to easily confirm sales transactions.It’s equipped with a thermal printer that offers quiet operation. Plus drop-in paper loading is convenient and effortless.

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Choose the Right Cash Register for Your Business

Before ordering a cash register, first, consider its size and the scale of your operation. A simple cash and coin drawer will do for a very small location and you can get a portable battery-powered register if you have a temporary or mobile shop. Pick a hardwired model for a business with a fixed address. While you can make do with a traditional register for a location with low patronage, an electronic cashbox is a more robust checkout solution for stores with lots of customers. For such businesses,  cash registers with an integrated barcode scanner as well as credit card and check readers. Such digital POS machines can also help keep track of inventory and automatically add sales tax to orders.

What Security Features Do Cash Registers Have?

Traditional cash registers use locking drawers that require keys to manually lock and unlock their cashboxes. Some models use electronic locking drawers. An electronic drawer locks every time it shuts and requires the cashier to input a preset code to open. There are also password-protected POS machines that require cashier machines to have codes to ring up sales and open their cashboxes.

Can Power Outages Wipe Out Cash Registers ?

Yes. Manufacturers have built-in features to prevent this from happening. The most common method is the use of battery backup. This saves all gathered data when the power goes out. You can then retrieve the saved information after restoring power. Some cash registers have SD card slots and backup data to memory cards during a power outage. This makes it easy to retrieve saved information without needing to power up the machine and connect it to a PC.

Features to Look for When Comparing Cash Registers

Make sure your chosen register you select has a receipt printer. This streamlines transactions by giving customers summaries of their shopping bills and providing records of transactions for store owners. A model with an LCD makes it easier to total the items in customers’ carts and quickly generate receipts. To guarantee transparency, choose a unit that also has a rear display for customers to observe as the cashier rings up their orders.

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