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  • Sam4s ER-230 Cash Register

    Sam4s ER-230 Cash Register

    £149.00 exc VAT
  • Sam4s NR-520 Cash Register

    Sam4s NR-520 Cash Register

    £240.00 exc VAT

    The Sam4s NR-520 cash register has twin station printers for receipt & journal printing. Providing a receipt with every transaction helps to ensure correct information is entered into the cash register & provides proof of purchase. This model has a retail style keyboard with 48 raised buttons, 36 of which are programmable to provide user friendly, efficient operation.

  • Sam4s ER-920 Cash Register

    Sam4s ER-920 Cash Register

    £465.00 exc VAT

    The Sam4s ER-920 Cash Register is designed with a bright Alphanumeric display and flat keyboard for all Hospitality and Retail situations.

  • Sam4s ER-940 Cash Register

    Sam4s ER-940 Cash Register

    £495.00 exc VAT

    The Sam4s ER-940 Cash Register has Twin Station (Receipt & Journal) Thermal Printers plus numerous features such as Scanning and Check Tracking to Overlapping Cashiers ensure the register is suitable for all environments.

  • Sam4s SPS-530 Cash Register

    Sam4s SPS-530 Cash Register

    £954.00 exc VAT

    Featuring a hybrid design, Sam4s SPS-530 Cash Register has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitively bright 7 inch touch pad operator display.
    The Sam4s SPS-530 Cash Register is an ideal replacement for older technology ECR’s, a cost-effective alternative to PC-based POS systems.

  • Sam4s Titan 150 15in PC Based Touch Screen

    Sam4s Titan 150 15in PC Based Touch Screen

    £954.00 exc VAT

    Sam4s Titan 150 15in PC Based Touch Screen. Designed with a true flat touch panel, the Titan-150 provides superior spill and dust resistance that ensures optimum performance in harsh retail and food service environments.