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Your shop fittings are happy to bring you a wide range of retail shop shelving units. Choose from a huge selection of new and used retail display shop shelving that will get your products in front of customers’ eyes and save space in your store. Our shelving is ideal for grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, pet stores, beauty supply companies and more.

We stock a wide variety of sizes of wall units, end caps, pegboard panels, bespoke shop counters and glass cabinets. You can choose a height and depth that fits your store, as well as modernise your display shelving with a variety of colours and elegant styles. You can order a selection of colours or choose from our pre-existing colours in stock which includes black, grey and white.

We also have a wide range of accessories to add to your current retail shelving units so you can hang your products which will be displayed more effective for your customers.  These accessories match all display shelving units and will fit well within any retail store.

They include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Wire baskets –  great for large bulk items or holding a large number of loose items such as toys, DVDs, beauty products and tools.
  • Peg hooks – use these to hang your tools or packaged products on pegboards, Slatwall and Gridwall.
  • Shelf Scanner Strips – choose from snap-on or adhesive backed strips to display prices at the front of shelving.

Organize your shop fittings with effective modern shelving displays so your customers can find your products with ease. We offer durable and quality retail display shop shelving in the U.K.

Our sales team will answer any questions you have about our retail shop display products. Call us for a quote and shop online 24/7 with Your Shop Fittings!

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