Safescan 2265 Banknote Counter

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Safescan 2265 Banknote Counter is suitable for Polymer notes. New £5, £10 and £20 notes. The 2265 has an intuitive control panel and a large, crisp display.

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Safescan 2265 Banknote Counter

Count your banknotes without any hassle. The Safescan 2265 accurately value counts mixed British pound and Euro notes while simultaneously verifying them on up to five security features. Your cash counting has never been easier.

Accurately value count up to 1.200 banknotes per minute. The Safescan 2265 can value count mixed British pound and Euro banknotes as well as sorted banknotes for any other currency.
Whenever a new banknote is released, you can easily update your Safescan 2265 for free by downloading the update from our website.

While counting your British pound or Euro banknotes the Safescan 2265 can simultaneously verify them on up to five security features including ultraviolet ink, magnetic ink, colour, size and thickness. An audio and visual alarm will notify you of any possible counterfeits. Simply remove the suspected banknote to resume counting.

The Safescan 2265 has multiple automated features to make your counting process easier. Use the add feature to automatically add up the amount of notes counted across different runs.
Need to create equal stacks of banknotes? Simply use the integrated batch function and the Safescan 2265 will do the work for you.

Simplify your cash management by combining the Safescan 2265 with one of the custom accessories. Easily print your counting results with the Safescan TP-230 printer, or export them to your computer using the Safescan Money Counting Software. You can even share your counting results with your customers in real-time with the Safescan ED-160 external display.


  • Banknote value counter for mixed British pound and Euro banknotes
  • Counts mixed British pound and Euro notes and sorted banknotes for all other currencies
  • Counts up to 1.200 banknotes per minute in every counting mode
  • Verifies banknotes on up to five security features: UV, MG, Colour, Size and Thickness
  • Presents an audio and visual alarm when a suspected banknote is detected
  • Automatically starts and stops counting the inserted stack of banknotes
  • Adds up the amount of counted notes across different runs with the add function
  • Creates equal stacks of banknotes with the automated batch function
  • Backloading hopper capacity: insert up to 300 banknotes per run
  • Stacker capacity: stops counting after 200 banknotes, remove stack to continue
  • Large display and clearly labelled buttons for easy use
  • Anti-static brush to ensure reliable counting of polymer based banknotes
  • Free currency updates available to download whenever a new banknote is released
  • Supports internal cleaning with the optional Safescan Cleaning Cards
  • Connects to the optional Safescan Money Counting Software for exporting counting results
  • Connects to the optional Safescan ED-160 external display for sharing of counting results
  • Compatible with the optional Safescan TP-230 thermal printer
  • Power: 220V ~ 240V
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 25.0 x 18.4 cm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
  • 14 day satisfaction guarantee
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE certified
Detection method UV, MG, CD, SD, TD
Sheet counting Yes
Counting with Counterfeit detection Yes
Selectable currencies for counting with counterfeit detection GBP, EUR
Selectable currencies for Sort counting GBP, EUR, ALL
Value (mixed) counting Yes
Selectable currencies for value counting GBP, EUR
Counting without detection All currencies
Counting with UV detection All currencies
Counting with UV & MG detection All currencies
Counting speed 1.200
Fitness sorting No
Selectable currencies for fitness sorting N/A
Add function Yes
Batch function Yes
Face & Orient sorting No
Reject pocket No
Automatic currency recognition No
100% tested No
Serialnumber scanning No
Portable usage No
Voltage AC110-240V
Dimensions (cm) 29.5 x 25.0 x 18.4
Colour Grey
Weight (kg) 6.2
Warranty 3 Years
CE certified Yes

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Weight 6 kg