IR40 Ink Roller

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IR40 Ink Roller

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IR40 Ink Roller

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Supplied in a blister pack

Compatible to fit the following models:

Casio FR2550/2500 HR100/150/7/8/16
Casio 101S 110CR 115ER116ER 117ER 120CR 120ER 130CR 140CR 160CR 168K 18 187 7 800ER
Geller NT-1071 NT-1081 PZ-1
Samsung ER-150/100
SeikoM41/42 III
Sharp 1611
Olivetti ECR 300 ERC 2150
Citizen CX60
Sanyo 7100 ECR 290 ERC 360
Uniwell U100 U128
Elite CR101
Sharp XE-A102 XE-A110 XE-A120 XE-A130 XE-A101
Olympia CM-720 CM-725 CM-880 CM-726 Plus CM-721 CPD 122 CPD 2212 PD 710 CM-726

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