Hands Free Sanitising Station 5 Litre

This hygienic Hands Free Sanitising Station 5 Litre dispenser is foot-pedal operated so there is no hand contact at all.

Hands Free Sanitising Station 5 Litre

Our hands-free sanitising station offers perfect protection for even the heaviest traffic locations. Furthermore, it helps customers and visitors avoid cross contamination and provides extra peace of mind.

Additionally, our high quality hand sanitising stations are ideal for use outdoors or indoors. As a result, they are extremely versatile. What’s more, the sanitiser is kept securely behind a lockable cover. With a 5l sanitiser container it offers uninterrupted dispensing throughout the day.

Even better, is that you won’t require specialist installation and the unit is easily transportable.

Measures 1100mm x 200mm x 210mm

Manufactured from hardwearing powder coated steel and featuring a durable stainless steel foot pedal these are the no-hands sanitiser stations that will help keep your business stay secure. For medium to large traffic areas checkout our 1 litre hands free sanitising station.

Perfect for shops, showrooms, pubs, restaurants, offices and loads more venues.

*Gel sold separately, please select in options*

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Weight12 kg