Group 24 Twin Spool Ink Ribbon

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Group 24 Twin Spool Ink Ribbon

Group 24 Twin Spool Ink Ribbon

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Compatible to fit the following models:
Casio 104ER
Casio 105ER
Casio 180ER
Casio 210ER
Casio 2102ER
Casio 2112ER
Casio 2114ER
Casio 220ER
Casio 230ER
Casio 30ER
Casio 35ER
Casio 61ER
Casio 62ER
Casio 63ER
Sharp ER1700
Sharp ER1071
Sharp ER1076
Sharp ER1100
Sharp ER1771
Sharp ER1072
Sharp ER1077
Sharp ER1500
Sharp ER1070
Sharp ER1075
Sharp ER1080
Samsung ER-290/ER200
Geller CX-200
Geller NT-1110//1104/1108

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Weight.500 kg
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